Plastasphalt® is an elastic repair material that can be used to repair cracks, holes and other surface damage in highways, roads, urban streets, bridges or any other area paved with asphalt or concrete. The elastic properties make Plastasphalt® well suited for motorways, highway ´s and inner city roads with heavy traffic. Plastasphalt® is used in major European cities such as Berlin, Copenhagen and Hamburg, and on the motorway and highways in both Germany and Denmark. The story of Plastasphalt® goes back in history as a liable solution for both crack and hole repairs, it was developed in 1972 for the repair and closing of the tram tracks in Copenhagen, Denmark, and soon the usage expanded to Germany.

Plastasphalt® is applied at a temperature of approx. 250 ° C and can penetrate even into very small cracks. The rubber content, the oil and the bitumen provide elasticity, which reduces the stress caused by movement of the roadbed due to settling, weather and heavy traffic. The high temperature will also ensure a high adhesion capacity and it bond with all know road surfaces.

Plastasphalt® can be applied in minutes with a small truck and almost no equipment. The repaired surface is ready to accept traffic within minutes after application, making Plastasphalt® an ideal solution for areas with heavy traffic.

It is applied in stripes of 10 – 50 cm width. The stripes can also be laid out next to each other, to cover larger damaged areas

Plastasphalt® is produced in accordance with current environmental rules. It is manufactured and applied pollution free. The rubber ingredient is obtained from recycled scrap tires, contributing to the reduction of the tire pollution and no left-over packaging