Straßenflex Michael Rask GmbH is a family business based in Schleswig-Holstein and production facilities in North Macedonia and China. Straßenflex specializes in production of roadrepair materials and repairing roads with a material called Plastasphalt®. 

Straßenflex was founded in Germany in 1993. Strassenflex has been offering a powerful solution and strong product for over 20 years and is known as a reliable and  trustworthy partner.

Straßenflex can carry out repairs of all sizes and types across Europe and with it´s fast reaction times, is a reliable and flexible partner for city and country roads. We also carry out repairs of private roads, seaports and business areas.

Straßenflex works in small teams with two people and a truck, the roads are repaired with very little disturbance to the traffic. This makes Straßenflex a cost-effective provider of road repairs.